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Fujian has a highly accessible transport network. The railways in service stretch 4,500 kilometers, of which 2,200 kilometers are high-speed rail. The length of road networks tops 115,000 kilometers, of which 6,100 kilometers are expressways. All cities are linked by high speed rail, all counties are connected by the expressways, every township has access to trunk roads, and public bus service is available in every single village. The China-Europe freight trains travel across Eurasia and connect Fujian with over 30 cities in 12 countries.


Ports in Fujian handle more than 748 million tons of cargo annually and can accommodate the largest vessels in the world. The Silk Road Maritime Association has attracted more than 320 members, with 161 international container ship routes reaching over 140 ports in 50 countries and regions.


Fujian has six airports, including Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and Fuzhou Changle International Airport. The province has established nearly 400 air routes, reaching major cities in the world.