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Over the past decade, Fujian’s GDP grew from 2.5 trillion yuan to 5.4 trillion yuan, ranking eighth nationwide in 2023. And its per capita GDP rose from 64,000 yuan to 130,000 yuan, the fourth highest in China. Its pillar industries include electronics and information technology, advanced equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals, and modern textile and garment.


Hosting 38 of the 41 major industries, Fujian ranks fourth in China in terms of manufacturing value added as a percentage of GDP. The following three trends feature in Fujian’s industrial development:


 Going high-end. Electronics, information, advanced equipment manufacturing, modern textiles and garments, and other pillar industries each exceeds one trillion yuan in annual output. Leading companies, including CATL, Fuyao Glass, and Anta Sports, have achieved global recognition.


 Going smart. Intelligent and digital transformation of traditional industries has propelled Fujian into the third place nationwide in terms of the proportion of enterprises that have fully digitalized their core business processes.


 Going green. The new energy sector, encompassing power batteries, new energy storage, and offshore wind power, continues to grow robustly, with clean energy representing 63% of total installed capacity.