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Fujian is one of China’s first provinces opening up to the outside. Thanks to four decades of hard work, a multi-functional, multi-tiered and all-round pattern for opening-up has taken shape. Fujian has established business links with over 200 countries and regions. In 2023, Fujian’s foreign trade amounted to around RMB 1.97 trillion, and its paid-in foreign investment reached RMB 30.26 billion.


Fujian, the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road (MSR), was designated as the Core Area of the 21st Century MSR. Capitalizing on its historical, geographical, and cultural links with Southeast Asia, Fujian has placed equal importance on foreign investment and the international market. Notable progress was made in cooperation with countries and regions along the MSR on infrastructure connectivity, business and cultural exchanges.


Inaugurated on April 21, 2015, China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone covers an area of 118 square kilometers and consists of three areas — Pingtan Area, Xiamen Area and Fuzhou Area. It is playing a pacesetting role in stimulating entrepreneurship and institutional innovation.