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Ecological Conservation

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Fujian boasts beautiful ecological environment, and is an important cradle and pilot ground of Xi Jinping thought on ecological conservation. In June 2016, Fujian was officially designated by the State Council as China’s first National Ecological Conservation Pilot Zone. Acting on the understanding that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, Fujian is fully implementing the blueprint of building an eco-province put forward by President Xi Jinping, protecting the environment while promoting high-quality economic development.


Fujian enjoys top-ranking eco-environment nationwide. The proportion of good water quality in major watersheds is 99%, and that in near-shore waters is 88.7%. Our cities enjoy good or excellent air quality on 98.5% of days in the year and the PM2.5 level stands at 20 micrograms per cubic meter, 10 micrograms lower than the national average. Forest coverage rate reaches 65.12 percent, the highest in China for 45 years in a row. Energy consumption per unit of GDP has dropped by 10.3%, and the emission intensity of major pollutants is only 60% of the national average. With about 3% of the country’s population, 1.3% of its land and 2.9% of its energy consumption, Fujian has contributed 4.4% of the country’s GDP.