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Fujian-Taiwan Kinship

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Fujian enjoys a distinct geographical advantage on developing relations with Taiwan. Pingtan Island is 68 nautical miles away from the Taiwan Island proper, while the distance between Jiaoyu of Tong’an, Xiamen and Little Kinmen is only 1,000 plus meters. 80 percent of the people in Taiwan trace their ancestral roots to Fujian.


The trade ties between Fujian and Taiwan have been close since ancient times. The common language and similar folk customs shared by the two sides have led to increasing people-to-people exchanges and communications between different sectors of the society. Activities such as the Straits Forum and distinctive local cultural exchange programs have been successfully held. Fujian is among the top destinations for young people from Taiwan to work or start their own business in the mainland. In 2023, Fujian received 573,000 Taiwan visitors. Fujian has been supplying fresh water to Kinmen since 2018.