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International Exchanges

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Fujian’s engagement with the world spans all continents. It has over 360 international airline routes and welcomes numerous foreign friends for sightseeing, family visit or business every year.


Sister partnerships are important vehicles for international cooperation. So far, Fujian has established sister relationships with 34 provinces (regions or states) and 91 cities in 47 countries. Such relations play a key role in promoting mutual understanding, friendship and exchanges between Fujian and the rest of the world.


Moreover, a series of international activities are held in Fujian every year to further strengthen its cooperation with the outside world, including China International Fair for Investment and Trade, the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Expo, Strait Travel Fair, and Xiamen International Marathon.


With the implementation of Belt and Road Initiative and continuous development of the Core Area of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Fujian will further tap into its geographical and resource advantages, and promote closer exchanges and win-win cooperation with countries across the world for common development.