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Wang Yi: Practicing Diplomacy for the People is a Ceaseless Endeavor

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On March 7, 2024, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Foreign Minister Wang Yi shared what the Foreign Ministry has done in diplomacy for the people when he met the press during the NPC and CPPCC sessions.


Wang Yi said in a year of changes and confusion around the world, the CPC Central Committee kept close to its heart the safety of all Chinese compatriots abroad. Throughout the year, the Ministry and its missions all over the world spared no effort to bring heartwarming care from the CPC Central Committee to all compatriots. The Foreign Ministry strengthened consular protection abroad, handling more than 80,000 cases of various types and issuing more than 6,000 reminders and alerts. The Foreign Ministry evacuated thousands of Chinese nationals from Sudan, Palestine, Israel and other places, doing its best to protect the life and safety of Chinese nationals abroad. The Ministry continued to improve the functions of the “China Consular Affairs” app and responded to more than 530,000 calls seeking help on the consular service hotline 12308. Chinese passports were made stronger; more than 20 countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, now have mutual visa waivers with China for all types of passports. China also promulgated its first Regulations on Consular Protection and Assistance, to make for law-based, institutionalized and standardized consular protection.


Wang Yi stressed practicing diplomacy for the people is a ceaseless endeavor. In 2024, the Foreign Ministry will focus on three priorities:


First, full efforts will be made to strengthen the system for the protection of Chinese nationals and interests abroad. The Ministry will spread the knowledge about consular protection, work more effectively to issue security risk alerts, further improve the 12308 hotline, and provide efficient, responsive and whole-process services on the consular protection platform.


Second, the Ministry will continue to build fast-track networks for cross-border travels. The Ministry will work for faster recovery of international passenger flights, and make arrangements with more countries for visa-free travels and multi-year, multi-entry visa options.


Third, the Ministry will continue to improve in-person and online consular services. The Ministry will upgrade the “China Consular Affairs” app and equip its missions abroad with smart consular service centers, to deliver finer and easier consular services to overseas Chinese.


Wang Yi said China carries out diplomacy for its people. Serving the people and meeting our compatriots’ expectations is our abiding mission.