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Quanzhou Maritime Arts Festival Sails Again

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The 5th Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival is set to take place in Quanzhou, Fujian province, from Dec 8 to 13, Liu Linshuang, head of the city's publicity department, announced on Thursday in Beijing.


This year's festival is divided into five main sections and 12 activities, and will bring together 52 cultural groups, as well as experts and participants from 43 countries and regions.


Nearly 800 artworks will be on display at the international fine arts exhibition, exploring the historical and cultural significance of the Belt and Road Initiative from various perspectives and countries.


The international art development symposium will host 80 Chinese and international guests, creating a global platform for artistic dialogue and exchange. Discussions will focus on the historical inheritance and contemporary expression of Maritime Silk Road culture and art.


Also part of the festival, the Nanyin conference will be attended by 13 associations from China and foreign countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Nanyin is a musical performing art central to the culture of the people of southern Fujian, and to those of Fujian origin overseas.


This year also marks the 10th anniversary of Quanzhou, Yokohama, and Gwangju being designated as the joint Culture Cities of East Asia. Via performances and youth art exhibitions, the three cities aim to use culture as a bridge to enhance the cultural identities and inclusiveness of people in China, Japan, and South Korea, especially among the younger generation.


An intangible cultural heritage exhibition will display projects from China and countries along the Maritime Silk Road, while the fine carving art exhibition will display over 300 artworks from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.


An international puppet show will feature puppet and shadow play groups from 11 countries, including Turkiye, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Iran, along with 12 representative puppet groups from China.


Launched in 2014, the comprehensive international art festival dedicated to the Maritime Silk Road is held every two years in Quanzhou. Over the course of the past four editions, it has become a significant platform for cultural exchange and cooperation.