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Second China-Malaysia Youth Exchange Program Concludes

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With a view to increasing mutual understanding between Chinese and Malaysian youth and deepening China-Malaysia friendly relations, the second China-Malaysia Youth Exchange Program co-organized by Fujian Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and the Federation of Hokkien Associations of Malaysia was successfully concluded on October 17. 50 young officials, scholars, college students and journalists participated in the ten-day program for such activities as lectures, seminars and field trips in Malaysia and Fujian.


The delegation started off by exploring Malaysia’s Maritime Silk Road heritage and its special bond with Fujian. Through trips to the Museum of Overseas Chinese, Sungai Way Chinese Primary School, Xiamen University Malaysia and New Era University College, they learned about the history of Chinese Malaysians, Malaysia’s Chinese education and diverse culture.  They met with Teo Nie Ching, Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Education, and had talks with many Hokkien associations in Malaysia including the Federation of Hokkien Associations of Malaysia, the Hokkien Association of Kelang, and the Hokkien Association of Malacca.


The delegation arrived in China on October 12, beginning their visit in Fujian. In Xiamen, the delegation visited Xiamen University, Overseas Chinese Museum in Xiamen, and Gulangyu Island -- a World Cultural Heritage Site; in Quanzhou, they toured Cao’an Temple, the Wudianshi Traditional Blocks, the West Street, the Kaiyuan Temple, the Qingjing Mosque and other cultural and historical sites; in Fuzhou, they visited the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, Net Dragon Websoft Holdings Limited, and Fujian Jiangxia University.


Short may the time spent together be, a deep friendship had been forged among the young people from both sides. At the farewell party, they celebrated their friendship and bid each other goodbye through songs and dances.

Malaysia is an important country along the Maritime Silk Road. It boasts the most complete Chinese education system in Southeast Asia and a long history of cultural communication with China. China has been the largest trading partner to Malaysia for ten years in a row. Over half of the seven million more Chinese Malaysians are said to be of Fujian origin.