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Diplomats from 22 Countries Embark on Unique Journey in Fujian

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Diplomats in China visit Zheng Shan Tang, a well-known tea brand in Wuyisahan. [Photo by Duan Wei to China Pictorial]


From March 19 to 23, the "China in the Eyes of Diplomats - Fujian Visit" event unfolded in East China's Fujian province, drawing nearly 30 diplomats from 22 countries, including Albania, Madagascar, Sudan, and Myanmar. The diplomats embarked on journey through Fuzhou, Ningde, Wuyishan, and other locales, learning about Fujian's path to modernization.


Their itinerary included a visit to a poverty alleviation-themed exhibition building in Ningde, where they witnessed the city's efforts in targeted poverty alleviation over the past three decades. Additionally, the diplomats explored leading enterprises such as CATL, gaining insight into Ningde's evolution from a poverty-stricken area to a burgeoning global industrial hub.


On March 21 and 22, the diplomats ventured to Wuyishan city in Nanping, Fujian province, where they delved into the region's unique achievements in ecological civilization construction and immersed themselves in Chinese tea culture.


Their visit to the Yanzike Ecological Tea Orchard in Wuyishan provided a glimpse into the eco-friendly methods employed, eschewing chemical fertilizers and pesticides to preserve the natural quality of the tea while safeguarding the environment. This sustainable approach left a lasting impression on the diplomats as it showcased a harmonious coexistence with nature.


The Jiuqu Stream, revered as the soul of Wuyishan, offered a tranquil bamboo rafting experience for the foreign diplomats, who captured photos of the natural wonders with their mobile phones. Ethiopia's Ambassador to China Tefera Derbew Yimam said, "The magnificent natural landscapes of the Jiuqu Stream feel like a paradise."


Throughout the "China in the Eyes of Diplomats - Fujian Visit" event, the diplomats were consistently impressed by China's developmental strides. Engaging in immersive experiences and in-depth discussions, they have learnt about China's road and solutions, and the event also fostered mutual understanding and cooperation between China and other nations.