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Fujian (China) Week Successfully Held in Japan and the ROK

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From November 25 to December 2, 2015, Fujian (China) Week was successfully held in Japan and the ROK. A delegation headed by Deputy Director-General Wang Tianming of Fujian Foreign Affairs and Vice Mayor Han Dong of Fuzhou attended the event. The 54 members of the delegation come from Fujian FAO, Fujian Commerce Department, Fujian Tourism Administration, Fuzhou Municipal Government, Fuzhou Music and Dance Troupe and private enterprises. Activites such as romotions of Fujian Pilot FTZ and Fujian tourism, photo shows, business matchmaking, and cultural exchanges were held during the Fujian Week. It is the fourth such event held in the countries along the Maritime Silk Road after those held in August last year and May and June this year in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia, and Malaysia and Laos respectively. 

Fruitful results were achieved in Fujian Week. First, people of the two countries learned more about Fujian. Second, a host of business and tourism agreements were reached. Third, exchanges between sister cities were enhanced. Fourth, people-to-people exchanges were promoted. 

Fujian Week received warm response from both countries. This event promotes the mutual understanding between Fujian and Okinawa and Kumamoto prefectures in Japan, and between Fujian and Gangwon Province, the ROK, which consolidates the foundation of cooperation between Fujian and Kyushu, Okinawa and Gangwon Province.