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Nagasaki, Japan

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Area: 4,106 km2 

Population: 1.43 million 

Capital: Nagasaki 


Nagasaki Prefecture is located in the southwest of Japan. Embraced by mountains on one side, and bordered by the sea on the other, the prefecture is surrounded on all sides by natural beauty. The prefecture is also full of historical, traditional, and cultural riches. Historically, Nagasaki played an important role in Japan’s international relations. A vast amount of culture and knowledge from Asia and Europe flowed to and from Japan via Nagasaki and contributed greatly to the modernization of Japan. In addition, Nagasaki also has the oldest existing Chinese settlement and community in Japan, consisting of Chinese migrants (from primarily the Fujian province) who crossed over in the early 1600s, during the final years of the Ming Dynasty. 


Nagasaki has developed a solid foundation for “manufacturing,” including the Nagasaki Shipyard of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (one of the world's premier shipbuilders), Sony Semiconductor Co., Ltd. producing the image sensor and used with a digital camera, etc., Nagasaki Canon Inc., the digital camera production subsidiary of Canon, the largest digital camera manufacturer in the world, and other powers. 

In the telecommunications field as well, a cluster of several companies has already formed in Nagasaki, including a call center base and back office functions of MetLife, Inc. and All Nippon Airways Co Ltd. In addition to manufacturing, the prefecture's rich agricultural resources, the prosperous fisheries industries supported by Japan's second longest seacoast and other advantages make Nagasaki a virtual resource treasure house for food-related companies. There are also food related companies, which take advantage of abundant agriculture/fishery resources in Nagasaki. 

Sister Relationship 

From 1980, the cultural, business and non-official exchanges began to raise since Fuzhou and Nagasaki bond their ties together.