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Eastern Highlands Province, Pupua New Genea

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Area: 11,157 sq. km

Population: 579,825 (2011 census) 

Capital: Goroka 


The province shares a common administrative boundary with Madang, Morobe and Gulf and Simbu Provinces. The province is the home of the Asaro mud mask that is displayed at shows and festivals within the province and in the country. It is reachable by air and road transport. 


The economic sector of Eastern Highlands Province comprises of four main areas, which are Agriculture and Livestock, Inland Fisheries, Forestry and Commerce and Industry.  The province derives most of its revenue from Agriculture in the production of coffee. It is the leading producer of coffee in the region. It produces large quantities of coffee annually for export. Almost all rural households in the province own a small plot of coffee as a family project. Due to its location along the Highlands Highway, the province is a regional trucking centre, having one of the Highlands region's major trucking company's operating in Goroka. The country's largest hydropower station is in Yonki, Kainantu, and others like the Kainantu pottery and wool rugs and a new gold mine in Bilimoia has commenced construction. 

The economic state of the Eastern Highlands Province has declined with the economic situation of the country. In addition, the deteriorated infrastructure of the province hinders economic growth. 

Sister Relationship 

In 2000Mr. Xi Jinping, then Governor of Fujian, signed the sister province agreement with   Hon. Peti Lafanama, Governor of Eastern Highlands Province in Fuzhou