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Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation

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Area: 180,500 sq. km 

Population: 634, 400 

Capital: Petrozavodsk 


The Republic of Karelia is a federal subject of Russia, located in the northwest of Russia. It was founded on June 8, 1920 when the Soviet Government signed the Decree on the founding of the Karelian Autonomous District that was named the Karelian Labour Commune. On July 25, 1923 it was transformed into Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, and on March 31, 1940 – into Karelian-Finnish SSR. In 1956-1991 the republic remained as Karelian ASSR, and since November 13, 1991 it has its modern name of the Republic of Karelia. 


In 2013, the gross regional product of the Republic of Karelia has made 167.5 billion Roubles. The Republic of Karelia plays a significant role in Russia in a number of sectors of economic activity. With only 0.4% population of Russia’s total, the republic provides strategic contribution to national economy in terms of producing some of the most important items, including 65–70% of trout raised in Russia, 26% of iron ore pellets, 20% of paper, 12% of wood pulp and cellulose made of other fiber materials, 9% of pulp, 9% of metalware and unalloyed steel. 

Sister Relationship

On November 1st, 2017, Mr. Yu Weiguo, Secretary of CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, and Mr. Artur Parfyonchikov, Governor of the Republic of Karelia in Russia’s northwest signed an agreement to formally establish sister relationship between Fujian and Karelia in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev.