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Fujian's Targets for 2021 and the 14th Five-Year Plan Period

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The 14th Five-year Plan period marks the start of China’s new journey toward fully building a modern socialist country. According to the plans laid out in the 10th and 11th Plenary Sessions of the 10th CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, when China realises socialist modernization by 2035, Fujian will deliver high-quality leapfrog development on all fronts.


Aiming for the Long-Range Goals Through 2035, we will strive for higher-quality development. Accelerating the shift of economic growth model and drivers, we will expand our lead in overall size and further strengthen our economy.


We will strive for more efficient development. We will advance reform with the focus on key areas and critical links and open up still wider in more sectors.


We will strive for more equitable development. Following the people-centred approach, we will enhance inclusive programs that help improve livelihood and provide social welfare assistance, promote common prosperity, and deliver a better life to our people.


We will strive for more sustainable development. Guided by Xi Jinping thought on ecological conservation, we will continue to implement the eco-province strategy, chart the course of green development in all respects centring on peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, and put in place a modern environmental governance system so as to create a more appealing ecological environment.


We will strive for more secure development. We will improve and implement the system of responsibility for workplace safety, strengthen bio-safety oversight and risk management, enhance food and drug safety, and improve emergency response system. We will pursue food and energy security strategies, safeguard regional financial stability, and improve the crime prevention and control system.


The projected targets for economic and social development of Fujian in 2021 are set as follows:

• GDP growth of around 7.5%;

• CPI increase of around 3%;

• A registered urban unemployment rate within 5%;

• Per capita disposable incomes of urban and rural residents increase by 7% and 8% respectively.


To deliver these goals, we have identified nine priorities as follows:

• Vigorously advance scientific and technological innovation to speed up Fujian’s transformation into an innovation-driven economy;

• Continuously optimize industrial structure and accelerate the development of modern industrial systems;

• Stay focused on the fundamental strategy of expanding domestic demand to continuously stimulate endogenous economic growth;

• Pursue further reform and opening-up in all respects and facilitate the concentration of high-quality production factors;

• Redress development imbalances and inadequacies and redouble efforts to advance coordinated urban-rural development;

• Build Fujian into an eco-province and contribute more to the Beautiful China initiative;

• Ensure and improve people’s wellbeing and open up new prospects for social development;

• Move faster to build up Fujian’s strength in culture and rally people’s moral strength; and

• Create new and better ways to conduct social governance and accelerate the Peaceful Fujian program with higher standards.