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Excerpts from the Report on the Work of the People's Government of Fujian Province (2021)

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Excerpts from the Report on the Work of the People’s Government of Fujian Province (2021)


I. A review of our work in 2020 and the 13th Five-Year Plan Period

1.  We focused on innovation-driven development and kept increasing internal dynamism

     • More support was given to innovation.

     • The quality and performance of industrial development were enhanced.

     • The potential of domestic demand was effectively unleashed.

     • Business environment continued to improve.

2.  We focused on coordinated development and achieved more balanced development between rural and urban areas and across regions.

      • Integrated development in Northeast Fujian and in Southwest Fujian was accelerated.

      • Urban-rural integration deepened.

      • The development of old revolutionary base areas sped up.

      • Fresh progress was made in strengthening mutual support between the military and civilians.

3.  We focused on green development and fostered a positive interplay between economy and environment.

      • New headway was made in building the National Ecological Conservation Pilot Zone.

      • Notable progress was achieved in tackling pollution.

      • Eco-friendly growth models and ways of life were adopted at a faster pace.

4.  We focused on open development and pushed forward reform and development through opening up

      • Opening up was expanded continuously.


Our trade with BRI partner countries and regions increased by 7.2%,with ASEAN standing as the largest trading partner.  Shipping routes opened to BRI partner countries and regions totalled 70. China (Xiamen)-Europe freight trains made 271 trips.


Another six successful measures from the pilot free trade zone were replicated and applied across the country. We launched the 4.0 edition of the single window system for international trade.


We successfully hosted the 2020 China International Fair for Investment and Trade and the 22nd Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade. Paid-in foreign investment in services sector in Fujian grew by 37.2%.


We took an active part in the third China International Import Expo, securing more buyers and bigger orders than previous years.


We continued to deepen cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, and overseas Fujian people played a bigger role in the development.


We stepped up cooperation with partners in the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, and secured the approval for the Fujian-Guangdong power grid interconnection project.


We strengthened grain production and marketing cooperation, and ensured the success of the third China Grain Trade Conference.


We achieved fruitful outcomes in paring-up assistance to Xinjiang, Tibet, Ningxia and Gansu.


      • New gains were made in promoting integrated development across the Taiwan Straits.

      • Solid steps were taken in advancing reform in key sectors.

5.  We focused on development for all and brought greater benefits to our people    

      • People’s wellbeing was enhanced.

      • Public services continued to improve.

      • Social stability was ensured.


2020 is a year of historic significance as it marked the conclusion of the 13th Five-Year Plan Period (2016-2020). During this period, Fujian’s GDP hit new milestones of RMB 3 and 4 trillion successively, and its per capita GDP neared RMB 110,000, signifying the new progress made in the building of a new Fujian in the new era.


Over the past five years, in building a province of dynamic mechanisms, upgraded industries, a prosperous people and a beautiful environment, we have:

     • Pursued further reform and opening-up and unleashed vitality and potential of development to the fullest;

     • Advanced structural transformation and upgrading and accelerated the development of modern industrial systems;

     • Shored up weaknesses that affect people’s wellbeing and delivered higher living standards;

     • Promoted harmony between man and nature and sustained Fujian’s lead in eco-conservation in the country.

II. Implement the 14th Five-Year Plan and write a Fujian chapter in fully building a modern socialist China

     • We will strive for higher-quality development.

     • We will strive for more efficient development.

     • We will strive for more equitable development.

     • We will strive for more sustainable development.

     • We will strive for more secure development.

Ⅲ. Pool strength to forge ahead with our work in 2021

1.   Work faster to make Fujian an innovative province through scientific and technological development

      • Build up advanced innovation platforms.

      • Beef up enterprises’ capabilities in technological innovation.

      • Unleash innovative drive and potential.

      • Enhance institutional arrangements for scientific and technological innovation.

2.  Accelerate the development of modern industrial systems by upgrading industrial structure

      • Develop the digital economy.

      • Keep growing the ocean economy.

      • Foster a stronger green economy.

      • Speed up the development of advanced manufacturing.

      • Further expand modern services industry.

      • Quicken the development of modern agriculture with distinctive local features.

3.  Stimulate endogenous economic growth by expanding domestic demand

     • Build Fujian into a major hub for domestic circulation.

     • Attract more effective investment.

     • Ramp up the size and quality of consumption.

4.  Encourage the concentration of high-quality production factors through further reform and opening-up

     • Unlock new development vitality through further reform.

     • Foster a first-class business environment.

     • Build Fujian into a key conduit for domestic and international circulations.


We will continue to work on shipping network, air links and other flagship BRI projects, make the best of the outcomes of the China-EU investment agreement and the RCEP agreement and further expand our circle of friendship.


We will advance high-standard development of the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution innovation centre in Xiamen and identify a number of demonstrative platforms and flagship projects.


We will work towards expanding the China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone.


We will foster cross-border e-commerce and market procurement trade and strengthen service outsourcing industrial cluster.


We will facilitate the integrated inflow of investment, technology and high-calibre personnel and ensure the success of the 2021 China International Fair for Investment and Trade  and the 23rd Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade.


We will expand and upgrade the single window system for international trade and accelerate the digitalization of comprehensive foreign trade services.


We will pursue closer cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao.


We will draw on the strength of overseas Fujian people, encourage them to make investments or set up businesses in their hometown, and support new generations in getting involved in the BRI cooperation.


      • Explore new ways for integrated development across the Taiwan Straits.

Ⅴ. Redouble efforts in coordinated regional and urban-rural development by redressing imbalances and inadequacies

     • Enhance collaboration between coastal and hinterland regions in the new era.

     • Improve urban functions and services.

     • Promote rural revitalization in an all-round way.

Ⅵ. Advance the development of eco-province as part of the Beautiful China initiative

     • Advance the development of the National Ecological Conservation Pilot Zone.

     • Carry forward the battle against pollution.

     • Promote green and low-carbon development.

Ⅶ. Open up new prospects for social development by ensuring a better life

     • Increase people’s incomes.

     • Give higher priority to employment.

     • Take solid steps in promoting the Healthy Fujian initiative.

     • Develop more equitable and higher-quality education.

     • Make greater efforts to meet people’s basic living needs.

Ⅷ. Unite our people with shared beliefs and values through a strong culture

     • Practice core socialist values.

     • Preserve and carry forward historical and cultural heritage.

     • Speed up the development of cultural programmes and industries.

Ⅸ. Accelerate the Peaceful Fujian initiative with higher standards through new and better ways of social governance

     • Advance the rule of law.

     • Improve social governance systems.

     • Deepen mutual support between the military and civilians.

     • Safeguard public safety.