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Highlights of the 2022 Report on the Work of the Fujian Provincial Government

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Highlights of the 2022 Report on the Work of the Fujian Provincial Government


1. Main targets for 2022

    ■ GRP growth of 6.5%

    ■ a 5% increase in general public budgetary revenue

    ■ a 5% increase in local government revenue

    ■ a 6.5% increase in fixed asset investment

    ■ a 9% increase in total retail sales of consumer goods

    ■ export growth of 8%

    ■ a 7% increase in per capita disposable income of urban residents

    ■ an 8% growth in per capita disposable income of rural residents

    ■ a surveyed urban unemployment rate within 5.5%

    ■ CPI increase of around 3%

    ■ grain output of around 5.07 million metric tons


2. Major tasks for 2022

    ■ Work faster to build a modern economy through high-quality development

    ■ Serve and integrate into the new development paradigm through further reform and opening-up

    ■ Contribute to China’s reunification by exploring a new path of integrated development across the Taiwan Strait

    ■ Promote common prosperity by delivering a high quality of life

    ■ Build a Beautiful Fujian through coordinated urban-rural development and ecological conservation

    ■ Build a Peaceful Fujian by ensuring safety and security


3. Make Fujian an Innovative Province

    ■ Increase R&D spending by more than 18%

    ■ Establish innovation platforms

       • Build a science and innovation corridor in the coastal regions based on the development of science hubs in Fuzhou,

           Xiamen, and Quanzhou

    ■ Foster more innovators

       • Increase the number of national high-tech companies to over 9,000

    ■ Introduce new systems and mechanisms

       • Support upstream and downstream firms in the industrial and supply chains, universities, research institutes, and institutional

           investors to form innovation consortia

       • Further implement a ranking system and an open competition mechanism for selecting the best candidates to lead key

           research projects

       • Strengthen intellectual property protection

       • Send over 2,000 technicians to rural areas in support of local economy

    ■ Nurture high-caliber professionals

       • Introduce and cultivate more highly educated, professionally competent, cutting-edge, and urgently needed personnel


4. Bolster Advanced Manufacturing

    ■ Upgrade the pillar industries of electronics and information technology, advanced equipment manufacturing,

        petrochemicals, and modern textiles and clothing

    ■ Push forward digital transformation of traditional industries with competitive advantages to make garment and footwear,

        food, metallurgy and construction materials sectors smarter

    ■ Develop strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, biomedicine, next-generation information

        technology, and high-end intelligent equipment

    ■ Improve industrial layout by promoting the zoning and clustering of key industries including automobile and petrochemicals

    ■ Foster more than 100 high-tech firms with high growth potential in niche markets as well as over 30 single-product specialists

        in the manufacturing industry

    ■ Improve the quality, standards, and brand value of manufactured goods to raise the profile and influence of “Made in



5. Cultivate New Growth Drivers

    ■ Foster digital economy as a new engine for growth

       • Speed up the building of a national pilot zone for innovative development of digital economy

       • Develop digital industries by planning and promoting a range of new infrastructure and applications, including 5G network,

          data center, the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, and blockchain

       • Promote digital transformation and deepen integration of digital technology and the real economy

       • Raise the added value of digital economy to above 2.6 million yuan

    ■ Open up new prospects for ocean economy

       • Support the development of offshore wind power, subsea oil storage, marine information, marine engineering equipment,

          and marine biomedicine

       • Bring the output of ocean economy to over 1.2 trillion yuan

    ■ Build up new strengths for green economy

       • Facilitate the building of national innovation demonstration zones for the new energy sector

       • Build a leading research, development, and manufacturing base of electric ships in China

    ■ Adopt new ways to develop cultural and tourism economy

       • Accelerate the development of integrated eco-tourism across the province

       • Establish national demonstration zones for the integrated development of cultural and tourism industries

       • Boost CPC heritage tourism and green tourism

       • Curate a diversified selection of iconic multi-stop itineraries


6. Serve and Integrate into New Development Paradigm

    ■ New breakthroughs in furthering reforms and addressing challenges

       • Pilot integrated reforms in counties

       • Pursue more economical and intensive use of land

       • Connect up information islands and remove barriers to data exchange

       • Deepen coordinated reform of medical service, medical insurance, and pharmaceutical

       • Push forward the reform of collective forest tenure

       • Implement the three-year action plan for SOE reform

       • Advance the reform of rural collective property rights system

    ■ New headway in opening up wider

       • Expand and upgrade the China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone and comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce

       • Seize the opportunity of RCEP coming into force and provide continuous policy support to boost import and export

       • Create an enabling environment for overseas Fujian communities to play a part in Fujian’s development

       • Make solid strides in the development of the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution (PartNIR) innovation center in


       • Ensure the success of the 2022 China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT)

       • Intensify business ties with ASEAN and East Asian countries

       • Take forward exchanges with sister provinces and cities

       • Introduce an implementation plan for the high-standard development of the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk


       • Raise the profile of the Silk Road Maritime Alliance

       • Press ahead with the development of signature programs such as Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District and “Two

          Countries, Twin Parks”

    ■ New measures in spurring domestic demand

       • Stimulate investment and consumption in parallel and integrate into domestic circulation

       • Establish rail transit network, upgrade expressway network, develop coordinated airport clusters and optimize the layout of


       • Enhance the management of rivers, optimize the allocation of water resources and build information systems for water-

          related issues

       • Advance the building of cross-regional water conservancy infrastructure

       • Step up efforts to address weakness in areas essential to people’s livelihood through introducing more projects


       • Strengthen investment promotion

       • Boost consumer spending in both urban and rural areas

       • Build international consumption center cities

       • Further develop business systems in counties by fostering another 30,000+ e-commerce businesses or shops in villages

       • Promote the consumption of Fujian products

    ■ New improvements in fostering an enabling business environment

       • Launch the initiative of “Fujian at your fingertips”

       • Promulgate the Fujian Provincial Regulation on Improving the Business Environment

       • Further streamline administration and delegate power

       • Promote greater equity through targeted regulation

       • Provide more efficient government services

       • Innovate mechanisms for assessing the business environment

       • Foster a culture of integrity across the province


7. Integrated Development Across the Taiwan Strait

    ■ Greater connectivity through deeper economic and trade cooperation

       • Accelerate the building of a demonstration zone for integrated development across the Taiwan Strait

       • Promote coordinated scientific and technological innovation

       • Establish information-sharing platforms for industrial standards

       • Provide continuous support to key Taiwan-invested projects

       • Follow up on projects concerning supplies of water, electricity, and gas, and construction of bridges from coastal areas in

          Fujian province to Kinmen and Mazu in Taiwan

    ■ Equal treatment to Taiwan compatriots and enterprises

       • Improve mechanisms and policies to ensure the wellbeing and equal treatment of Taiwan compatriots

       • Expand recognition of professional qualifications obtained in Taiwan

       • Expedite the establishment of an integrated digital service platform for Taiwan compatriots and enterprises

       • Support the building of Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone into a community of choice for Taiwan compatriots

       • Refine policies and measures to support young people from Taiwan in seeking internship, job or business opportunities

    ■ Closer bonds of kinship through further exchanges

       • Deepen exchanges on ancestry-tracing, religious beliefs and customs, science and technology, education, culture and


       • Explore new ways of community-based cooperation

       • Ensure the success of the 14th Straits Forum

       • Attract more Taiwan compatriots to pursue their dreams in Fujian


8. Common Prosperity

    ■ More channels to increase incomes

       • Further increase incomes for four key groups (urban employees, farmers, the underprivileged and high-level professionals)

       • Raise the minimum wage and assistance standards

       • Support the development of public-interest activities and charity

       • Improve the employment-first policy to enhance its performance

       • Continue to upskill the workforce

       • Create over 500,000 urban job opportunities in 2022, and help 100,000 unemployed urban residents find work

    ■ More balanced development in education

       • Build, expand or upgrade 200 public kindergartens, adding 40,000 pre-school and 60,000 compulsory education places     


       • Strengthen the development of general high schools at county level

       • Develop high-level vocational colleges and programs

       • Renew efforts to develop first-rate universities and academic disciplines

       • Increase the elderly’s access to education

       • Take more solid steps in pursuing the double-reduction policy

    ■ More people benefitting from Fujian’s health services

       • Enhance the quality and breadth of health services to provide accessible health care for the public

       • Develop community-level healthcare workforce

       • Work for the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

       • Enhance public health service capacities

       • Strive for long-term, balanced development of population, and implement the improved childbirth policy

       • Boost high-quality sports development, and continue to build and upgrade public sports venues and facilities

    ■ A stronger social security system

       • Shore up weaknesses in public elderly care institutions, and encourage and support the development of private ones

       • Apply the models and experience of community-based services for elderly home-care

       • Boost the silver economy

       • Expand social security coverage

       • Enhance provincial-level unified management of employees’ medical insurance funds

       • Improve the urban-rural social assistance system

       • Ensure that “housing is for living, not for speculation” and start the construction of over 70,000 government-subsidized rental

          housing units

    ■ More flourishing cultural undertakings

       • Build and put to good use the research center on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New


       • Build more centers for promoting cultural and ethical advancement in the new era

       • Continue the campaign of bringing culture to the countryside

       • Fully leverage the favourable conditions created by the extended 44th Session of the World Heritage Committee to build   

          archaeological site parks and preserve historical architecture, houses and blocks, including ancient Fuzhou buildings

       • Pass on and promote the revolutionary heritage and sustain the revolutionary legacy

       • Carry forward fine traditional Chinese culture and facilitate the innovative adaptation and development of distinctive

          cultures, such as Zhu Xi’s neo-Confucianism, lifestyles peculiar to the people of Minnan (South Fujian) and Hakka people,

          Mazu belief and customs, and Fuzhou culture

       • Improve the quality of literary and artistic works


9. Beautiful Fujian

    ■ Build Fujian into an eco-province

       • Step up efforts to build a national ecological conservation pilot zone

       • Pursue institutional innovations — deepen the reform of the ecological compensation system, and explore more

          approaches to turn green into gold

       • Promote green transition — expedite industrial restructuring, facilitate a cleaner energy mix, and improve the “1+N” policy

          framework for carbon peak and carbon neutrality

       • Enhance comprehensive conservation — take a holistic approach to protect mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes,

          grasslands, and deserts

       • Improve pollution prevention and control — adopt higher standards to keep the skies blue, waters clear, seas clean, and

          lands pollution-free

    ■ Make steady progress in coordinated regional development

       • Leverage the role of Fuzhou as the provincial capital to speed up the development of Fuzhou metropolitan area, and

          promote the coordinated development of northeastern Fujian

       • Support Xiamen in building a demonstration zone for spearheading high-quality development, support Quanzhou in

          developing into a smart manufacturing powerhouse and a hub city of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, spur the   

          integrated development of Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Quanzhou metropolitan area, and promote the coordinated development

          of southwestern Fujian

       • Support Longyan and Sanming in building demonstration zones of high-quality development for old revolutionary base

          areas in western Fujian

       • Promote the integrated development of county economy

       • Tap into the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the integrated development of

          the Yangtze River Delta

       • Strengthen collaboration with the country’s western region and facilitate paired assistance

    ■ Carry forward rural revitalization strategy

       • Consolidate and expand what we have achieved in poverty alleviation

       • Boost high-quality development of modern agriculture with distinctive features and promote 850 key projects

       • Carry out the “10,000 enterprises revitalizing 10,000 villages” campaign and promote the “one village, one product”


       • Revitalize seed industry and breed 20 some new varieties with unique and superior traits

       • Carry out rural development initiatives and improve household sewage treatment in over 500 villages

    ■ Improve urban functions and services

       • Launch a new round of territorial spatial planning

       • Advance the urban renewal program

       • Promote cluster development of new satellite cities

       • Build well-connected networks of green spaces

       • Enhance transport connectivity and efficiency

       • Improve urban safety and resilience


10. Peaceful Fujian

    ■ Stronger social governance

       • Fully launch the eighth five-year plan for increasing public knowledge of the law and enhance people’s awareness of the

          need to respect, study, and abide by the law and their ability to apply the law

       • Advance trials for modernizing municipal social governance

       • Build a multi-dimensional system for crime prevention and control with IT application

       • Move faster to develop programs for women, children and people with disabilities

       • Promote high-quality development in the work related to ethnic affairs, and further modernize the management of

          religious affairs

       • Implement reforms in defense mobilization, and strengthen mutual support between the civilians and the military

    ■ Better fulfilment of safety responsibilities

       • Rigorously implement the system of accountability for workplace safety, and accomplish all the targets set in the three-

          year campaign to promote workplace safety

       • Build a provincial emergency command center and a big data platform

       • Conduct general surveys, assessment and categorization of natural disaster risks in a comprehensive way, and step up

          response to extreme weather

       • Ensure the supply of energy, resources and other primary products

       • Safeguard food security, and increase the area of high-standard cropland by 60,000 hectares

       • Strengthen grain reserve capacity and ensure the supply of major agricultural products

       • Continue to prevent food contamination and ensure food safety

    ■ More robust risk prevention and control

       • Strengthen capital regulation effectively in accordance with the law

       • Remain highly vigilant against risks in real estate, financial sector and other areas

       • Strengthen biosafety risk prevention, control and management