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Report on the Work of the People's Government of Fujian Province (II)

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II. Make New Advances in Building China into a Modern Socialist Country in All Respects under the Guiding Principles from the 20th CPC National Congress


At its 20th National Congress, the CPC put forward its missions and tasks in the new journey of the new era and worked out the blueprint for building China into a modern socialist country in all respects, sounding the trumpet of the times to march toward the Second Centenary Goal of building China into a great modern socialist country in all respects. General Secretary Xi Jinping, as the core of the CPC Central Committee and of the Party as a whole, the leader of the people and the commander-in-chief of the military, continues to steer the majestic ship of socialism with Chinese characteristics. This represents the will of the CPC and the people and meets the expectations of all, and is the fortune of the country, the nation and the people. Fujian is an important birthplace and practitioner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and the people of Fujian love, trust and follow General Secretary Xi from the bottom of their hearts. It is the noble mission, historical responsibility and urgent wish of the 41 million plus people of Fujian to answer the call of General Secretary Xi, and to assume our responsibility, strive to make a difference and contribute our share to promoting national rejuvenation along the Chinese path to modernization.


We have to forge loyalty to the CPC’s core based on the full understanding of the decisive significance of the Two Affirmations. We must strengthen our commitment to the Four Consciousnesses,[11] the Four-Sphere Confidence[12] and the Two Upholds. We must constantly improve our political acumen, understanding and capacity to deliver. We must maintain absolute loyalty to the CPC’s core in the purest Party spirit, always trust the CPC’s core with the firmest attitude, wholeheartedly support the CPC’s core with the sincerest feelings, and resolutely uphold the CPC’s core with the most powerful action. We must consciously gain an understanding of and implement the guiding principles from both the 20th CPC National Congress and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major speeches, instructions, and comments on the work of Fujian while at the same time living by and carrying forward the important ideas and practices he created during his work in Fujian. We must effectively transform the deep love for the General Secretary into a powerful motivation for work, move forward in the direction he sets for us, and turn the blueprint he has drawn for us into reality with great determination.


We have to take up the responsibility for promoting the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in all respects along the Chinese path to modernization. We should firmly grasp the Chinese characteristics, essential requirements, major principles and strategic plans concerning the Chinese path to modernization. We must consider and promote the development of a new Fujian in the national context, and intensify efforts in conducting forward thinking and overall planning, and in making comprehensive progress. Giving play to our comparative advantages and highlighting the characteristics of Fujian, we must try out new things, forge new paths, lead the way, and assume great responsibilities. We must strive to make greater progress in accelerating the modernization of the economic system, better serve and integrate into the new development pattern, make greater strides in exploring new ways to promote integrated development with Taiwan, and achieve greater breakthroughs in creating a high-quality life. In doing so, we will add greater vitality to Chinese modernization and make sure that it plays a distinctive role in Fujian.


To pass new tests, we must uphold fundamental principles, and work together to break new ground. We must firmly believe in Marxism, strengthen our belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics, and become more confident in the realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. We must always use Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to arm our minds, guide our practice and promote our work. We must always adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and always stay united as “a piece of hard steel” under CPC leadership. We must keep breaking new ground, working hard, and delivering results. We must rise up to challenges and overcome them with tenacity. We are never to let up and will move forward in spite of challenges, and make every contribution to the endeavor of rejuvenating the Chinese nation and to the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.


To deliver a good performance in the next five years, we must do the following:


●    Adhere to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as a guide;


●    Gain an understanding of and implement all the guiding principles from the 20th CPC National Congress;


●    Fully implement the guiding principles from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major speeches, instructions, and comments;


●    Uphold and strengthen overall CPC leadership;


●    Carry forward the great founding spirit of the CPC;


●    Ensure coordinated implementation of the five-sphere integrated plan and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy;


●    Take the new development stage into account, implement the new development philosophy, and serve and integrate into the new development pattern;


●    Work hard to meet the Four Requirements;


●    Strengthen technological innovation, improve the mix of industries, and increase the income of residents;


●    Deepen reforms with Fujian characteristics and build the core area of the Maritime Silk Road;


●    Accelerate the revitalization of the countryside and the development of old revolutionary base areas and former CPC Soviet areas;


●    Strengthen Digital Fujian, Maritime Fujian and eco-friendly Fujian;


●    Explore new ways to promote cross-Strait integrated development; and


●    Promote high-quality development in all respects;


All this will constitute our due contribution to building China into a modern socialist country in all respects.


1. Accelerate the modernization of the economic system to make Fujian richer and stronger


A modernized economic system underpins Chinese modernization, and is the only way to achieve high-quality development. To promote high-quality development, we will accelerate the modernization of the industrial system and ensure it is controllable and reliable. We will keep the focus of economic development on the real economy, continue to strengthen trillion-yuan pillar industries, cultivate and expand emerging strategic industries, renovate and upgrade traditionally competitive industries, and accelerate the development of modern service industries. We will make every effort to promote the expansion of consumption and improve its quality. We will strengthen all network infrastructure such as transportation, energy and water conservancy and accelerate the construction of world-class ports and airports for both main lines and regional lines. We will build a new infrastructure system for the future, and do all we can to make our province competitive in manufacturing, quality and transportation. We will work to make our digital economy, marine economy, green economy, and culture and tourism-based economy better, stronger and bigger. We will move faster to cultivate a more competitive core industrial system in the digital economy, create an industry cluster of our competitive marine economy and clusters of emerging industries, develop green and low-carbon industries, and make our province an integrated eco-friendly tourist destination. We will firmly coordinate the development across urban and rural areas and regions, implement the new urbanization strategy across the board to promote the coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and towns. We will implement the systems for providing basic public services to people in places of their permanent residence, and help people from rural areas adjust better to urban life once they have been granted permanent urban residency. We will fully implement the rural revitalization strategy and continue to carry out demonstrations for rural revitalization. We will promote the comprehensive revitalization and development of old revolutionary base areas and former CPC Soviet areas, and build beautiful villages with comfortable living and working environment. We will work to ensure cooperation between mountainous and coastal areas in all respects in the new era and build the Fuzhou metropolitan area and Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Quanzhou metropolitan area to high standards to help develop the northeast Fujian and southwest Fujian coordinated development areas. We will uphold the “two unswervinglys”[13] in carrying on and innovating the Jinjiang Model. We will work for greater prosperity of our province in the new era by encouraging the development of the private sector. Support will be given to private businesses and entrepreneurs in terms of policy and public opinion to ease their concerns when driving innovation, managing their businesses, and making creations.


2. Implement the strategy of promoting science and education in the province, and strive to make Fujian a province of innovators


Science and technology have given wings to human progress and remain the key to future high-quality development. We will be committed to the notion that science and technology are the primary productive force, human resources are the primary resource of development and innovation is the primary growth driver. We will move faster to make Fujian a reservoir of innovators. We will work hard to provide better education to the satisfaction of our people and fully implement the Party’s education policy to cultivate talent for the Party and the country. We will deepen reform in all aspects of education, accelerate the building of a high-quality education system, and build a society where lifelong learning is pursued by all. We will implement a quality improvement plan for vocational education and promote integration between vocational education and general education, between industry and education, and between science and education, and make education better serve economic and social development. We will make greater efforts to create a science and technology innovation system, deepen the reform of the science and technology management system and improve the diversified science and technology investment mechanism. We will accelerate the creation of a Strait Science and Technology Innovation Center, develop the Innovation Laboratory and the key laboratories, engineering research centers and enterprise technology centers of Fujian Province, and improve and consolidate institutes under the provincial government. We will strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, make breakthroughs in proprietary and leading technologies, and enhance our innovation capacity. We will further develop human resources for modernization with more practical measures and deepen the reform of the institutions and mechanisms in this regard. We will create a good environment for identifying, cherishing, respecting and using talent, attract talent that are in urgent need, give chance to competent young people, and nurture top-notch innovative talent. Fujian will provide the best environment for talent who will in turn contribute to the development of the province.


3. Actively serve and integrate into the new development pattern, and strive to build a vibrant Fujian


What we have achieved so far in the development of Fujian is attributed to reform and opening-up, and the future of our province will also depend on reform and opening-up. We will promote high-standard opening-up through reform, and push for further reform through opening-up. We will accelerate the development of the important links and channels for promoting positive interplay between domestic and international economic flows. We will continue to deepen reform to promote systems integration. We will better coordinate reforms in key areas such as delegating power, improving regulation, and upgrading services, market allocation of factors, medical service and forestry, in order to deliver more reform results with Fujian characteristics. We will continue to build an institutional basis for opening-up, develop a high-quality core area for the Maritime Silk Road, build the BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center to high standards, expand the China (Fujian) Pilot Free-Trade Zone and improve its performance. We will actively implement some of the policies for free trade ports, improve cooperation in trade and investment, and move faster to make our province strong in opening up, trade, and foreign investment. We will continue to deepen the integrated development of Fujian and Taiwan and always respect, care about and benefit our compatriots in Taiwan. We will build a demonstration area for cross-Strait integrated development and the first home for our Taiwan compatriots and their businesses in the mainland to promote national reunification. We will deepen our cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, work to ensure more of the financial, human, and intellectual resources of overseas Chinese make their way back to Fujian for building a better homeland.


4. Make solid progress in promoting common prosperity to ensure everyone is happy in Fujian


As a Chinese saying goes, “One flower does not make spring, while one hundred flowers in full bloom bring spring to the garden.” We will do more for the benefit of the people and continue to see the people realize their aspirations for a better life. We will improve the income growth mechanism that is in line with economic growth. We will increase income for the low-income group, expand the size of the middle-income group, protect lawful income, adjust excessive income, and prohibit illicit income. We will improve the public service system for employment, promote the employment of key groups, and help groups with difficulty getting employed to find jobs. We will support the creation of jobs through business startups and encourage flexible employment through multiple channels to stabilize and expand our employment capacity. We will improve the multilevel social security system, expand social insurance coverage and improve the funding and benefit adjustment mechanism for basic pension and basic medical insurance. We will strengthen tiered and classified social assistance, and improve the quality of service supply for old-age care, benefits and services for eligible groups, medical and health care, and housing security. We will improve reproductive support policies and supporting measures, and fully implement women and children’s development programs. We will promote the creation of child-friendly cities and youth development cities, strengthen the protection of minors, and develop early education. We will gradually delay our mandated retirement ages to respond to population aging and low birth rates. We will improve the modern public cultural service system and develop cultural programs and industries. We will practice the core socialist values in all areas and nurture and promote public civility.


5. Comprehensively enhance ecological conservation and strive to make Fujian more beautiful


Green is the distinctive color of Fujian and the pride of our people. We will remain committed to respecting, adapting to and accommodating nature. Reducing carbon emissions and mitigating pollution will operate in parallel with expanding green transition and promoting economic growth. We will make Fujian a demonstration province in the Beautiful China Initiative and make green mountains and lucid water the pride of Fujian. We will fully promote green, low-carbon, and circular development, implement the comprehensive conservation strategy and the system of controlling the total amount and intensity of carbon emissions, and peak carbon emissions by field and industry step by step. We will make every effort to prevent and control pollution, maintaining the intensity of effort while extending it in depth and breadth to make cities, villages, rivers and lakes, bays and parks all more beautiful. We will take a holistic and systematic approach to the conservation and improvement of the ecosystems of mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands, and deserts. We will improve the system of nature reserves with national parks as the main body, and enhance the diversity, stability and sustainability of the ecosystems. We will promote the reform and innovation of the ecological conservation governance system, explore and improve the mechanism for realizing the market value of ecosystem goods and services, and deepen the reform of the compensation system for ecological conservation.


6. Enhance the effectiveness of social governance and build a Safe Fujian


With good governance comes social stability, which in turn is a prerequisite for development. We will uphold the new development pattern underpinned by the new security pattern, accelerate the building of a high level of rule of law and security system, and make every effort to prevent risks, maintain security, ensure stability, and promote development. We will pursue a holistic approach to national security, resolutely maintain security of our political power, institutions, and ideology, and ensure the security of food, energy resources, cyberspace, finance, and important industrial and supply chains. We will comprehensively strengthen the system for prevention and treatment of major epidemics and the system for emergency management, and drive a shift in public safety governance toward a model of prevention. We will resolutely curb major and serious accidents, become better able to prevent, mitigate and respond to disasters and handle major public emergencies, and prevent and resolve major risks. We will make Fujian strong in the rule of law in all respects and make coordinated progress in promoting the rule of law across the province, and in our government and society. We will move faster to ensure sound lawmaking, strict law enforcement, impartial administration of justice, and the observance of law by all and create an environment for the rule of law in which all of our people work in accordance with the law, look to the law when running into issues, and rely on the law to resolve problems and conflicts. We will comprehensively accelerate the modernization of municipal social governance, improve grid management, offer meticulous services, and enhance information technology support and build a community of social governance in which everyone fulfills their responsibilities and enjoys a fair share of benefits.



[11] They are to enhance political integrity, develop a better understanding of the general picture, follow the core leadership of the CPC Central Committee, and act consistently with Central Committee policy.


[12] It is to increase the confidence in China’s path, theories, system, and culture.


[13] This refers to unswervingly consolidating and developing the public sector, and unswervingly encouraging, supporting, and guiding the development of the non-public sector.