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Report on the Work of the People's Government of Fujian Province (IV)

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IV. Uphold Overall CPC Leadership and Make Government More Satisfactory to the People


On this new journey in the new era, we have a new mission to fulfill and a new role to play. Government departments at all levels should work hard to help accomplish the central task of the CPC. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, we will strengthen ourselves, and strive for further progress in high-quality development with new vigor.


We will stay loyal in government. We will always bear in mind that government agencies are first and foremost political organs. We will uphold the Party’s guidelines, keep in the Party’s direction of progress, and maintain the Party’s lofty will. We will be loyal to the General Secretary and to the CPC Central Committee. We will adhere to the correct political direction and gain a full understanding of the theoretical, historical, and practical logic of the Two Affirmations. We will adhere to the Two Upholds in thinking, political orientation, and action. We will enhance our theoretical competence and gain a full understanding of the worldview and methodology of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, keep in line with the Party’s theories, principles, and policies, and correct deviations should they occur. We will strictly adhere to the rules of discipline and implement the system of requesting instructions and submitting reports. We will adhere to democratic centralism, carry out intra-Party political activities in earnest and maintain a healthy political atmosphere of integrity.


We will ensure that government is for the people. We will always keep in mind we are the people’s government. We will actively practice the people-centered development philosophy, attend to the people’s concerns and act on their wishes. We will follow the mass line, engaging the people, consulting them on governance, seeking their advice, and learning about their needs. We will always stand with the people and think and act in their interests. To benefit the people, we will do all we can within our capacity. We will take more initiatives that benefit the people and enable them to feel that we care about them. We will strive to benefit the people of the province by completing all 29 projects for them. We will accept public oversight, and readily accept opposing views and criticisms from the people instead of nice words and praises. We will improve the work evaluation system to subject government decisions, plans, and performance to public comments and ratings.


We will ensure law-based government administration. We will always bear in mind that we should perform the functions prescribed by the law while refraining from acting where the law has not authorized us to do. We will implement Xi Jinping’s thinking on the rule of law throughout the whole process of government work. We will intensify efforts to carry out demonstration and innovation activities to build a law-based government and move faster to push for legislation in key, emerging, and special areas. We will standardize major administrative decision-making procedures, and properly balance law-based government administration and reform and innovation in accordance with the law. We will deepen the reform of the administrative law enforcement system, comprehensively promote cross-sectoral law enforcement and ensure that the same and one authority is responsible for primary-level law enforcement and that the law is enforced in a strict, procedure-based, impartial, and civil manner. We will further explore and practice whole-process people’s democracy and strengthen public consultation. We will extensively listen to what the people have to say, and conscientiously handle the suggestions made by deputies to the provincial people’s congress and proposals of members of the provincial CPPCC committee. We will readily accept the oversight of the people’s congress, democratic oversight, oversight of supervisory bodies, and oversight through public opinion, and strengthen audit-based, finance-based, and statistics-based oversight. We will resolutely prevent and punish statistical fraud and falsification and play a part in China’s fifth national economic census.


We will continue to be pragmatic and diligent. We will always remember that empty talk harms the country, while hard work makes it flourish. We will always be ready to rise up to challenges, display professionalism, do practical work, and uphold unity. We will create an environment where officials have the courage to take on responsibilities, community offices make bold explorations, businesses are confident in their operation and people dare to break new ground. We will carry forward the Four Grassroots[20] and the Four Ten Thousands.[21] We will go to communities to make friends with entrepreneurs and talk with workers, asking what they need and help them alleviate difficulties and solve problems on a case-by-case basis. In doing so, we will be able to truly promote high-quality development. We will keep the fine conduct that officials get down to work and deliver results without delays. We will improve government efficiency and get things done without any postponement. We will maintain the good practices of catching up through perseverance and sustained effort. We will hammer away at our tasks one by one, year in and year out until small victories add up to big ones. We should dare to undertake responsibilities and will take pragmatic measures to overcome difficulties and address thorny issues, so as to both meet the current needs and pave the way for future development. We will do things right for the benefit of the people and to the satisfaction of society, and be ready to withstand the test of history.


We will maintain integrity in government. We will always bear in mind that self-reform is an ongoing process. We will strengthen risk prevention and control in areas where power, capital and resources concentrate, and resolutely fight against privilege-seeking in any form. We will continuously strengthen the fight against corruption to ensure that our officials do not have the audacity, opportunity, or desire to be corrupt. We will firmly implement the central Party leadership’s eight-point decision on improving conduct along with the detailed rules for its implementation. We will tenaciously do away with form over substance, red tape, hedonism, and extravagance, especially the first two misconducts. We will hold the right persons accountable, support officials who are willing to assume responsibilities, and ease the burdens on those working on the ground. We will consistently carry forward the spirit of diligence and frugality, and resolutely reduce expenditures on non-obligatory and non-essential projects. This will save us the money and resources that can be used to promote development, improve lives and ensure people’s basic needs, payment of salaries, and normal government functioning at the primary level. A tight government budget will help ensure a better life for the people.


Fellow Deputies,


The great Thought leads a great era which calls for great struggle. We will unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core, uphold socialism with Chinese characteristics and fully implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Under the leadership of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, we will stay confident and build strength, uphold fundamental principles, break new ground, and forge ahead with enterprise and fortitude. We will make new advances in Fujian in building China into a modern socialist country in all respects and make greater contribution to promoting the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



[20] This refers to Xi Jinping’s proposal that leaders should handle public complaints and proposals, do on-site work, conduct research, and communicate CPC principles and policies—all at the grassroots.


[21] This refers to Xi Jinping’s proposal that leaders should visit 10,000 families, know 10,000 families, solve 10,000 families’ worries and work in the interest of 10,000 families.