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Sandu Bay 

Sandu Bay is situated in the Jiaocheng District of Ningde City. Being an important maritime gateway in East Fujian, the bay boasts unique natural condition with an only 2.6-kilometer-wide outlet to the sea and a large inner space of 714 sq. km.Closed in on three sides by mountains, the bay is deep and calm, and never gets frozen or silted. The more-than-10-meter deep area reaches 174 sq. km. And its main waterway runs from 35 to 125 m deep, enabling 500,000 tonnage ships to move in and out in all weathers. Well known home and abroad, it ranks high among the top harbors in the world in terms of deep-water area and the length of coastline.  

The bay has a long history of opening-up. It has been a busy port for foreign trade in China ever since ancient times, developed even before the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). In 1684, Ningde Taxation Administration was established here, having jurisdiction over nine ports. In 1898, it was designated as a foreign trade port and Fu Customs was set up in the next May. Later on, 13 countries including the UK, USA, France and Japan, opened 25 business branches and firms on the coast, and Italy even set up its consulate here. The relic sites of the Gothic church, the British convent and the Fu Customs are still in existence, well preserved. By the breakout of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Sandu Bay had been suppling Mobil oil and other daily necessities to more than half of the Chinese territory. The scenes of groups of fishing boats returning to the habor in the evening and merchants from everywhere gathering together reflected the economic prosperity of Ningde during that period. 

Sandu Bay is a natural spawning field for large yellow croakers. Guanjingyang used to be one of the four largest fisheries in the country. In recent years, net cage breeding has been developing rapidly. Thousands of connected net cages create a spectacular view on the sea, earning a name the “Oriental Venice”. There are now more than 120,000 net cages, farming 20 plus valuable species, such as large yellow croaker, porgy, redfish and abalone. Consequently, Sandu Bay is awarded the title of “model destination for agro-tourism in China” by the National Tourism Administration

Sandu Bay also boasts many scenic views. Most tourist attractions cluster together at the southeast of the bay. They include the five islets, Sandu, Qingshan, Doumao, Jiongshan and Baipao, the Cheng’ao peninsula and the neighboring sea areas, covering about 80 sq. km. The ocean, the islets, beautiful reefs, the fish rafts and the quays form such an impressive picture that one would naturally accept it as a “heavenly lake” or a “celestial bay.” 


Baishuiyang Water Square 

Baishuiyang Water Sq. is located in the northeast Pingnan County, 170 km away from Fuzhou, and 120 km from downtown Ningde. Sitting at the upper reaches of Yuanyang River, it boasts the most spectacular scenery among the four major scenic districts along the river with a total area up to 77 sq km. It is surrounded by green mountains, and here converged two streams. The flat riverbed seems to be made up of one huge smooth rock, no sands or pebbles at all. Looking down from on high, you will marvel at its fantastic shape that resembles a vast newly ploughed field stretching among the sweeping mountains.  

This riverbed of 80,000 sq m, the world’s unique “shallow water square, is actually consisted of three giant flat rocksThe largest one is the size of 40,000 sq m, 182 m in width. As the water flows evenly over the riverbed, the vast surface of the river glistens and shimmers in the sunshine with a silvery sheen. That is why it is named “Baishuiyang”(which literally means “white water mass. It extends over 2 km, divided into upper, middle and lower sections. The middle section is most impressive, which offers you an exceptional water ride along a 100-meter-long and 60-meter-wide natural flume. It is thus called a water flume in nature

These three huge rocks have been tentatively identified by the Chinese geologists as volcano lava, which, due to the crustal movement, is intruded by granites, and then after an indefinite period of time of water erosion, are shaped into this unique view of today. It earns Baishuiyang the name “the Heavenly Scenery and the Myth of the Universe”. In 1994, it was listed as the National Key Scenic District and granted in 2005 National Geological Park by the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources. 

The lower reaches of Yuanyang River is 18 km in length with a natural landscape of stream, waterfall, peak, rock, cave, pond and fog, together with wild mandarin ducks, macaques and rare plants. In late autumn each year, pairs of mandarin ducks come in thousands to the valley for the winter, so the place is named Home of Mandarin Ducks by the National Wildlife Protection Association and has become the only mandarin duck preservation area in China. By the stream are green mountains with great varieties of biological species. It is an ideal place not only for tourism, but also for scientific research


Mount Taimu 

Mount Taimu, situated in Fuding City, bordering Zhejiang Province and along the coast of the East China Sea, has been famed as the great landscape of mountain and sea”. Legend has it that divinities in the East China Sea came to Mount Taimu for regular meetings, earning it another name “the Olympus on the sea”. It is one of the three most famous mountains in Fujian and Zhejiang Province besides Fujians Wuyi Mountains and Zhejiangs Mount Yandang.  

The Mount Taimu Scenic Zone, with a total land area of 227 sq. km., features granite hills and grottos, and the scenery of mountains, sea, islands, waterfalls and cultural sites. To be specific, there are four scenic sites themed on the mountains, the sea shores, the islands and the waterfalls, in addition to the Ethnic She Quarters and the ancient folk houses. As the main tourist attraction in this scenic district, the mountains cover an area of 24.8 sq. km., and are famous both at home and abroad for its four marvels: peaks, rocks, caves, and fogs that often renders mirages. In particular, the strange stones and the eccentric caves formed by the developed granite joint and the structural cracks are most amazing. There are 360 rocks resembling different human figures, creatures or objects, and more than 100 granite caves accessible to each other and running as far deep as 140 m. It is ranked first in the country in terms of the number of caves and their different features. 

Mount Taimu has been popular since the Tang (AD618-907) and Song (AD 960-1127) dynasties, which is testified by numerous ancient temples and cultural relics left by writers, scholars and calligraphers of various dynasties. There used to be 36 temples on both the southern and northern faces of the mountain, among which Guoxing, Ruiyun, Lingfeng, Bajiao and Tianwang temples were the five largest ones. Yuhu Convent used to be the residence of Zhu Xi, the well-known philosopher of the Song Dynasty and Xuanji Cave was his dwelling place during his reclusion. Mount Taimu boasts a pleasant climate, hence an ideal resort for holiday makers throughout the year, particularly in summer. 

It was granted the National Key Scenic District by the State Council in 1998, and listed as the National Geopark by the Ministry of Land and Resources in 2004.  


Ningde Xiawei Food Co., Ltd.  

Founded in September 2000, and located in the hi-tech park of Ningde Dongqiao Economic Development Zone, Xiawei Food Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise engaging in aquatic breeding, farming, chilling, processing and sale, as well as relevant scientific research. Its business scope covers food production, supply and sales, integrating agriculture and industry with trade. It is a leading enterprise in both agricultural and acquatic industrialization in Fujian Province. 

The company covers an area of 3.33 hectares, with a floor space of 8,000 sq. m.The annual processing capacity is over 10,000 tons. Its main products include sushi fillet, frozen large yellow croaker, porgy, sweet fish, hairtail, prawn, silvery pomfret, octopus and crab, and all sorts of canned aquatic food. It perseveres in the business concept of Quality is the bloodline of an enterprise, and strictly follows the quality control system, passing such certifications as HACCP, ISO 9000, Sanitation Registration for Food Export, QS, pollution-free agricultural products, and place of origin for pollution-free agricultural products. Xiawei has been awarded Fujian Famous Trademark and Fujian Well-known Product

In recent years, the company has been expanding the international market with its products exporting to such countries and regions as ROK, Japan, USA, Israel, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong, etc. It has been recognized as “A-level” enterprise for good management by the Fuzhou Customs. Its domestic sales outlets are distributed in large and medium-sized coastal cities like Beijing, Tianjing, Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beihai, etc


Mindong Able Electric Motors Co., Ltd. 

Mingdong Able Electric Motors Co., Ltd. of Fu’an City, founded in 1993, is a liability limited company integrating manufacturing, trade and scientific research. It is a national export base for electric motors, a natioanl township enterprise equipped with advanced technology, and one of the 30 key electric motors exporting companies in Fujian Province. Being the first electric motor company in Fujian granted exemption from quality inspection, it is highly recognized as a designer and manufacturer of electric motors, pumps and generators. The trademark ABLE has won the title of China Top Brand. In addition, the company is awarded “Fujian Model Enterprise in Quality Management”, “Fujian Well-known Product”, Fujian Famous Export Brand” and “Fujian Famous Trademark”. Able Electric Motors Co., Ltd. is strong in research and development of new products. At present, it has more than 1,000 employees, among whom 48 are intermediate level engineers and nine are senior. The professionals and technicians account for 31.6% of the whole staff. It is a high-tech enterprise and research center for electric motor in Fujian Province. 

Able boasts a series of advanced manufacturing equipment, rich professional experience and expertise, as well as well-developed quality control system. It has been following faithfully the IEC standards and has passed ISO9001: 2000 for quality management and ISO14001 environmental management, in addition to the USA UL, the EU CE, and China CCC. Its product range includes 21 lines of water pumps, motors, electric pumps, generators and generator groups, with over 400 types in different dimensions. It has been one of the three major manufacturers of aluminum-shelled motors in China, custom-made products available. Greatly favored by their clients, the products are exported to over 60 countries and regions in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and the Southeast Asia, world renowned enterprises like US Peniar, French Leroy-Somer and Electrolux being the major clients.