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Wuyi Mountains 

Wuyi Mountains are one of the key national scenic interests designated by the state in 1982. In 1999, they were listed as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Located in the southern suburb of Wuyishan City and the southeastern foot of the northern part of the Wuyi Mountain Range, the scenic zone of Wuyi Mountains extends like a long belt, about 5 km in width and 14 km in length to cover a total landmass of 70 sq. km. 

Wuyi Mountains are made up of red gravel rocks, known as Danxia landform. The movement of the crust over tens of thousands of years has kept the landform reshaping, bringing into being those peculiar, magnificent wonders like “Three-Three”, “Six-Six”, “Seventy-Two” and “Ninety-Nine” views. “Three-Three” refers to the trademark stream that bends nine times as it meanders around mountains. “Six-Six” refers to the thirty-six peaks rising up steeply from the river. “Seventy-Two” is the seventy-two caves and “Ninety-Nine” the ninety-nine crags. Wuyi Mountains, boasting green water and red hills in various shapes, have long been extolled as “the most unique and beautiful mountain range in Southeast China”. Lets make a quick tour of select spots. 

Nine-Bend Stream 

The Nine-Bend Stream is the soul of beauty of the Wuyi Mountains. Originating from the southwestern foot of Huanggang Mountain-the highest peak of the Wuyi Mountains, this pure and crystal-clear stream runs through the scenic zone from west to east and makes nine bends along the course. Hence, the name Nine-Bend Stream. 

It runs 9.5 km. long, covering an area of 8.5 sq. km. Its clean water flows through rocks, cliffsand hills mantled with green groves, presenting picturesque and unique scenery in each bend

Tianyou Peak 

The Tianyou Peak, lying to the north of the Sixth Bend of the Nine-Bend Stream, is the center of the scenic zone, neighboring Xianyou Rock in the east and Xianzhang Peak in the west. Rising straight up like a high wall, the Peak dwarfs all the others. Each time the sun appears soon after raining, the peak, and the valley as well, will be shrouded in white clouds. When the wind blows, the clouds may roll like waves in the sea. Climbing up the peak and enjoying the sea of clouds underneath, you will mistake for traveling in the heaven. Thats why it is called Tianyou (traveling in the heaven)Peak. It is deemed as the top scenic spot in this region


Dahongpao, the King of Teas, is originated in the last part of the Nine Dragon Nests. Like a bonsai on the cliff, six age-old strong tea trees form a special garden high above. Engraved on the cliff in an eye-catching way right beside them is the name Dahongpao in Chinese. 

Dahongpao Tea, with a history of 340 years, is unique and aromatic, with magic medicinal function. Besides, its annual output is as little as 400 grams. That makes it more invaluable. 

On the 5th Wuyi Rock Tea Festival held on August 18, 1998, 20 grams of Dahongpao Tea were auctioned at the price of RMB 156,800. The name Dahongpao, meaning a red gown in Chinese, has a folk tale to tell. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), a candidate was hurrying to the capital for the imperial test. When he came to the Wuyi Mountains, he fell seriously ill. As the time of the test was approaching, the candidate got really worried. Then the abbot of the Tianxin Yongle Temple cooked the leaves of the tea tree and served him the soup. Unexpectedly, the guy recovered and was in a good spirit. He never forgot this experience after his success in the test. On his way back, he stopped by the Wuyi Mountains and draped the tea tree with his red gown bestowed by the Emperor. Since then, the tea tree got this name


Ruins of the Imperial City of the Minyue Kingdom 

Located at the foot of the southern face of the Wuyi Mountains, 20 km. away from Wuyi National Holiday Resort, the ruins of the Imperial City of the Minyue Kingdom covers a landmass of 4.5 sq. km. It is an important part of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. A fine example of city planning in South China in ancient times, it is acclaimed by archeologists as “the Top City in the Archeological Finds of the Han Dynasty in South China” (206B.C.-220A.D.) and “the Best-Preserved Imperial City of the Western Han Dynasty (206B.C.--- 23 A.D.) in the Pacific Rim Countries”. It is called “the Pompeii of China” by Dr. Henry Cleere with UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Committee. Its major tourist draws are the museum displaying the splendid culture and history of the Minyue Kingdom, the ruins of 480,000 Imperial City with over 2,000 years of history, the Imperial Well dug in the Western Han Dynasty, the earliest and the then most extravagant bath yet discovered, and the performance of Minyue songs and dances.  


Fujian Changfu Dairy Group Co., Ltd. 

Fujian Changfu Dairy Group Co., Ltd. was established in March, 1998 with a registered capital of RMB 250 million. It is the largest dairy business in Fujian Province. Its annual capacity for processing liquid milk is 0.2 million tons and that for making colostrum nutrient 0.56 million tons. 

Changfu owns 18 large pastures with 20,000 heads of milk cows. The average daily milk output is 230 tons. In all of its farms, auto-feeding machines and rotating milking platforms are used to feed and milk the cows. The quality of its raw milk ranks high among those used domestically. The amount of microorganism is less than or equal to 50,000/ml without antibiotic, comparable to those in the European countries.  

Changfu now boasts 4 dairy workshops and 16 production lines that produce 200,000 tons of milk products a year. Its advanced equipment and technology are imported from America, Germany or Sweden. The whole production process is under computer control. The product test follows the standard of FDA of America. The corporation has passed ISO 9001 and HACCP System Certification.  Its product quality is stable and has earned scores of honors, such as “Pollution-Free Farm Products”, “Green Food”, “Product Free from National Quality Inspection”, “Famous Farm Product In Fujian Province”, and so on. 

After 8 years of development, Changfu has become a large enterprise in dairy farming. It greatly fuels the development of local economy, and has been accredited as the “National Key Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization” by the central authority. With great technical strength and development potential, the corporation has undertaken some national key scientific programs related to dairy development and some projects of the national Spark Plan during the period of the 10th and the 11th 5-year plans

The milk cow’s embryo transplanting technique in Changfu has sped up the improvement of cow breeding, and filled the technical gap in Fujian Province. The corporation is also keen to seek strategic cooperative partners to realize its goal of making Fujian’s dairy farming bigger and stronger. 


Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery Co., Ltd. 

One of the five biggest alkalinity battery manufacturers in the world, Nanfu Battery Co., Ltd. is an industry leader in China

With gross assets of more than RMB 1.5 billion, and covering an area of 180,000 sq. m, the company has over 1,400 employees, including 450 technicians and management personnel. It owns a national-level technology center and a post-doctoral scientific research center. In collaboration with key Chinese universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it has established several research centers on new energy development, bringing into place a technology innovation mechanism combining production, learning and research. It has made 10 technical achievements at internationally advanced level that have filled the void in China. For 16 consecutive years, it has been ranked No. 1 in China, and No.2 in Asia in terms of product quality, production capacity and sales volume

Nanfu has been honored as China Top Brand, China Famous Product. Its LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03, 6LR61 series are non-mercury, non-cadmium and non-lead environment-friendly alkali batteries, and have been certified with ISO9001, ISO14001 and obtained China Green Label and Certificate for Product Exempt from Quality Inspection.  

The company has set up a modern customer-oriented marketing network in China, grabbing 56% of the market share. Its EXCELL has been registered in more than 50 countries and regions, such as USA, Japan, Middle East, Hong Kong and the E.U countries, available in over 60 countries and regions worldwide


Fujian Nanping Aluminum Co., Ltd. 

Fujian Nanping Aluminum Co., Ltd. (Nanping Aluminum), restructured from Fujian Nanping Aluminum Works, is a large state-owned enterprise established in 1958. The company owns two branch factories, three holding companies and three jointstock companies with RMB 853.88 million of registered capital and 4,757 employees. The sales revenue of Nanping Aluminum and its share-holding companies reached RMB 5.4 billion (pre-taxed) in 2007

By its comprehensive strength, Nanping Aluminum is ranked third among the top ten aluminum extrusion enterprises in China. And it has the largest aluminum industrial chain (al. electrolysis-al. casting-al. extrusion) with an annual capacity of 750,000 tons, and is extending another aluminum industrial chain of aluminum sheet and strip with 750,000 tons of annual capacity. It also has joint stocks in CHINALCO RUIMIN CO., LTD., whose annual capacity of aluminum sheet and strip (foil)is 100,000 tons. With advanced equipment and technology, the company is highly competitive in China. 

The brand of Nanping Aluminum is highly recognized and well received domestically. The “ML” trademark is accredited as China Top Brand, and its flagship products-ML profiles as China Famous Product and National Quality Inspection-Exempt Products. The main products in various types include al. extrusions, rods, sheets and strips (foils), casting and rolling coil, fluorocarbon cladding and finished doors and windows etc. Its thermal break aluminum building profiles have won the “Golden Cup” for domestic quality non-ferrous metal products. Putting into action the idea of advanced quality control, Nanping Aluminum is the first enterprise to get double certifications of ISO9001 and quality aluminum architectural products and has passed safety management system certification of quality, environment, occupation health (QEO)and national measurement management system. 


Nanping Paper Co., Ltd. 

Nanping Paper Co., Ltd., formerly Nanping Paper Factory established in 1958, was a key project in China’s first “five-year plan”, and a large key paper producer in China. Listed in June 1998, it now has more than 2,800 employees. It can produce 300,000 tons of newsprint paper and 60,000 tons of pulp every year from waste paper and masson pines. Being one of the 520 key national enterprises, the company is an industry leader in China. Its flagship product, “Xingguang” hectograph newsprint paper, a brand name in Fujian province, is now used by over 200 news agencies and publishing houses in China, and exported to Southeast Asian countries and regions. It has got ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.  

For many years, Nanping Paper Co., Ltd. has been keeping pace with the developments of the global technology through innovations. In 2007, by offering non-public stocks, it raised RMB 980 million, and invested the money in technological upgrading. At present, the corporation is working on the integrated project of paper making and forestry, and is building its own forest base.