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福建省新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情简况及相关防控信息通报(Briefing on COVID-19 Situation in Fujian Province and Relevant Prevention and Control Measures)

来源:领事处 发布时间:2021-09-14 15:36



Briefing on COVID-19 Situation in Fujian Province and Relevant Prevention and Control Measures


Between September 10 and 24:00, September 13, Fujian reported 102 local confirmed COVID-19 cases, among whom, 59 have been hospitalized in Putian, 33 in Xiamen, and 10 in Quanzhou with no fatal cases. 21 local asymptomatic carriers detected in Putian are under quarantine for medical observation in designated facilities. Based on the results of epidemiological investigation and the expert team’s analysis and assessment, Fengting Township in Xianyou County, Putian, and the area located east of Huli Industrial Park, west of Tongming Rd, south of Ji’an Rd, and north of Jixian Rd in Xinmin Township, Tong’an District, Xiamen, have been designated as high-risk areas; three villages in Xianyou County, namely, Houshen Village in Jiaowei Township, Xiangling Village in Laidian Township, and Dapu Village in Yuanzhuang Township, as well as Dongqiu Village in Jieshan Township, Quangang District, Quanzhou, have been designated as medium-risk areas.


In the face of the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Fujian, the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government have adopted resolute measures to contain the outbreak as soon as possible, and spared no effort to safeguard the health and safety of the people, including foreign expats in Fujian.


Putian, where the cases were first detected, has enforced traffic restrictions on 20 entries and exits of expressways and 9 intercity entries and exits of national, provincial, county and township highways. Subsequently, Xiamen has also enforced a full, closed cycle of management on all residential compounds and villages. Temperature screening and health code check are strictly in place, and the flow of people is reduced. Social gatherings are restricted in Putian and Xiamen. Indoor facilities, including card rooms, cinemas, theatres, internet cafés, billiard rooms, KTVs, pubs, museums, libraries, gyms and training institutions, have been temporarily closed. Nonessential outbound travels from Putian and Xiamen are prohibited. Anyone leaving or entering the two cities for essential needs must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test in the previous 48 hours. Customers need to use their ID Cards for real-name registration in retail drug stores before purchasing any medicine for fever, cough or other relevant diseases. Starting from today, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and training institutions of all kinds should suspend in-person learning and move classes online.


Across the province, people in COVID-related areas should suspend their return to school. Faculty members, students and staff travelling overseas should not return without notice from their school. All schools should organize and complete a new round of COVID-19 nucleic acid tests for faculty, students and staff before September 19 in principle.


A task force under the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council has arrived in Fujian on September 11 to provide guidance on the epidemic response. Fujian Provincial Health Commission has urgently mobilized nearly 2,000 personnel from provincial and municipal medical institutions for emergency nucleic acid sampling in support of Putian’s mass testing endeavour.


Fujian has every confidence in winning the battle against the epidemic and safeguarding people’s lives and health. All foreign expats in Fujian are advised to closely follow epidemic alerts issued by official news outlets, and avoid nonessential travel in the recent period to medium/high-risk regions or areas with local COVID-19 cases.


If you have lived or travelled to medium/high-risk regions or been to places visited by reported cases, please immediately inform your community or the hotel you currently stay in, and work with the local government in implementing health management measures such as medical observation and nucleic acid tests. We advise you to pay extra attention to self-protection and take the following precautions:

(1) Wearing masks;

(2) Washing hands often;

(3) Ventilating frequently;

(4) Keeping a safe social distance;

(5) Complying with health code check and temperature screening in public places.